How do you deliver Telefonaut to us?

When ordering, you simply choose the method of transport and delivery. Either the courier will deliver the package with Telefonaut to your home, or you can pick it up at the selected collection point. We are shipping Telefonauts from our office in the Czech Republic.

How do I get my messages out of Telefonaut?

It is super easy. You just connect Telefonaut to your PC using micro usb cord (included in the package) and from your computer you can move, copy or erase all the recorded messages.

How long will Telefonaut last in operation?

After being fully charged Telefonaut can last at least 10 hours of intensive use. If you know you’ll want to use Telefonaut for longer, let us know and we’ll tell you how to do it.

How do I upload my own welcome message?

Have you already thought of what you would like to welcome your guests to Telefonaut? Great, the hardest part is over. Uploading a welcome message is super easy. You have two options:

  1. Just press and hold the middle button while your phone is on-hook. Once you hear the beep, it’s your turn! Speak an arbitrarily long message into the on-hook handset and release the middle button when you are finished. Telefonaut will immediately play your message out loud. Not satisfied with the result? It doesn’t matter, you have an infinite number of attempts to upload your welcome message.
  2. Record your greeting message use another device like PC or smartphone. If it is not in mp3 format use online convertor (such as to make it so. Make sure you have this mp3 file in your PC and rename it to GREETING.mp3. Then just connect your Telefonaut to your PC and replace previous GREETING.mp3 with your own. And it’s done!

How long can guests upload a message?

The length of the message is not limited in any way. So your chatty cousin can record you a message for as long as she wants (or until someone else kicks her out of Telefonaut).

I want to buy a Telefonaut and start renting it out for events. What do I need for this?

Nothing but Telefonaut. And perhaps just your own enthusiasm! No tedious setup or editing. Telefonaut is ready-to-go. You can start renting it immediately after receiving it.